WCICT2017 Accolades


Wound care is a hotbed of innovation.

That's the clear message delivered over two full days of lectures and presentations by some of the biggest names in the field at the first Wound Care: From Innovations to Clinical Trials conference held in Manchester on June 20-21, 2017.

Speaker after speaker illustrated that rapid developments are taking place at all levels. There is a constant flow of new products on the market, new research pointing the way to better care, and, perhaps most importantly, the translation of products and research in to practical solutions that can help patients directly and immediately. 
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 "Excellent well organised Conference, thanks to all. Given the agenda and content, it would be very appropriate to invite hospital executives (CFO, COO, CEO) to attend in order that they can see first-hand what innovation looks like and how it might have a positive clinical and health economic impact to their care setting.”

“Great conference, good to see really different topics and speakers, some very interesting posters - and different exhibitors too!”

“It was a very well organized and informative two days.”

“Thank you! Speakers were excellent; conference was well organized. Really enjoyed the 2 days.”

“Thank you so much for a well-organized and well-rounded event!”

“I am very glad to have attended this first edition of WCICT Congress. I hope I will have the opportunity to attend the second edition of this Congress in 2018.”

“Useful to have a conference like this which simply focused on key opinion leaders/research.”

“The conference was excellent. It was informative and the subjects covered were topical. Thank you.”

“I really enjoyed the conference. The sessions were very interesting and informative. All the posters were relevant and mostly had new interesting ideas and concepts. The venue was great as well as the food and refreshments provided.”

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