Tracey Yap, USA

Dr. Tracey Yap is an Associate Professor at the Duke University School of Nursing and a Senior Fellow in the Duke University Center for Aging and Human Development. She is committed to improving the care outcomes of older adults in long-term care settings, particularly with respect to prevention and management of common yet seemingly intractable geriatric conditions such as facility-acquired pressure ulcers. Her recently funded NIH R01 grant aims to address the unacceptably high rates of pressure ulcers acquired in U.S nursing homes. This study will advance our knowledge about effects of resident repositioning on high-density foam mattresses, and will also provide new knowledge about the residents’ response to repositioning schedule when risk level and medical severity change, thereby leading to a deeper understanding of methods and costs that are required to prevent pressure ulcers. Dr. Yap’s scholarship also aims to broaden nursing’s understanding of how work context influences intervention implementation and adoption.
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