Paulo Alves, Portugal

Assistant Professor, Catholic University of Portugal – Institute of Health Sciences Coordinator of Tissue Viability Programs; Vice-President of the Portuguese Wound Management Association

Paulo Alves is a PhD in Nursing by the Portuguese Catholic University, registered nurse, master in business administration and Education management, expertise/researcher in wound care, tuissue viability and skin care.. Has worked as a nurse in several hospital settings, particularly in Intensive care, and has been a member of the quality department. A specialist in Public Health, he has been involved in numerous national pressure ulcer research projects and in various international studies on Pressure Ulcers and on wound care in general.

He is currently an Assistant Professor in the Health Sciences Institute – Porto, at the Catholic University of Portugal. His research interests are the aetiology of the development of Pressure Ulcers, the development of intelligent support surfaces, development of new wound dressings and treatments and the influence of repositioning. Paulo has published articles in national and international journals, many of them on chronic wounds. He is a member of several wound care societies, the Wound Management Portuguese Association – APTFeridas, the European Wound Management Association – EWMA and Sociedad IberolatinoAmericana de ulceras y heridas - SILAUHE. He has been an invited Speaker and Chairman in numerous national and international conferences and has also organized several national and international scientific congresses and meetings on wound care.

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