Negative Pressure Therapy using a New Fenestrated Foam

This new experience using a novel foam dressing architecture in tandem with negative pressure wound therapy and instillation (NPWTi-d) was promoted for removing viscous wound exudate and infectious materials. A retrospective review was conducted of the outcomes of 41 patients who received NPWTi-d using a reticulated open cell foam instillation dressing with through holes (ROCF-CC) designed to facilitate the removal of thick wound exudate and infectious materials. NPWTi-d with ROCF-CC was used to treat large complex chronic wounds with viscous wound exudate that contained substantial areas of devitalised tissue. Debridement was performed as appropriate or available.

Without surgery NPWTi-d with ROCF-CC assisted in loosening, solubilising and detaching viscous exudate, dry fibrin, wet slough and other infectious materials. Percent surface area of black non-viable tissue and yellow fibrinous slough was reduced to≤10% in 18/21 (85⋅7%) and 12/21 (57⋅1%) wounds, respectively, after an average of 1–3 applications (3–9 days) of NPWTi-d with ROCF-CC. Preliminary evidence suggests that adjunctive use of NPWTi-d with ROCF-CC may help clean large, complex wounds when complete surgical debridement is not possible or appropriate and/or when areas of slough and non-viable tissue remain present on the wound surface.
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