Luc Teot, France

Luc TEOT MD, PHD, born 22 09 1949
Residency in Montpellier Paris and Montreal

MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Plastic Reconstructive Surgery

 Head Department of Plastic Surgery, Burns, Wound Healing
Montpellier University Hospital

Diplomas: MD (1980) PhD (1992).

 Titles: Internat des Hopitaux Montpellier 1974., Médaille d'or de l'internat 1979., Chef de clinique - Assistant des Hopitaux 1982, Ass Prof 1988.

 Qualified specialist in General Surgery: 1986. Qualified specialist in Orthopedics and Traumatology : 1988. Qualified in Plastic surgery : 1991.

 International Publications : 153 (Lancet, Diabetis, JID,)

 Coordinated books : 7, chapters in books 16

 Founding member of the French WHS, the Academy of Wound Technology, the Scar Club

 Past President of the ETRS (2002-2004) and WUWHS (2004-2008)

 Presently President of the French WHS, the G-Scars and the Academy of Wound Technology

 Editor in Chief of the Revue Francophone de Cicatrisation (Elsevier)

 Board of Wound Repair & Regeneration, IWJ, IJLEW, Vulnologia, Innovative Surgical Science
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