Daphne Weihs, Israel

Associate Professor Daphne Weihs is a Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology since 2006. She obtained her BSc (1998), MSc (2000), and PhD (2004) at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Technion. She did her post-graduate research at the Department of Pathology and Lab Medicine, Medical School, University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA, 2004-2006). Prof. Weihs is the head of the Scientific Committee of the Israel Society of Medical and Biological Engineering (ISMBE) since 2015.

Her focus is the mechanobiology of cells: the stiffness and dynamics of cells and their physical interactions with their surrounding microenvironment. Her interests lie in revealing cancer progression mechanisms and prediction of likelihood for metastasis formation and concurrently in prevention of wound formation and acceleration of healing. 

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