Andrea Nelson, UK

Professor Andrea Nelson, PhD RGN, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health and Dame Kathleen Raven Chair in Clinical Nursing, School of Healthcare, University of Leeds  
Andrea is an Adult Nurse with a PhD in Bioengineering, and a lifelong interest in chronic wounds. She combines a University leadership role with a programme of research into the prevention and management of chronic wounds and their complications, working closely with colleagues at Leeds, clinicians in practice, and collaborators located in the UK and beyond. Research findings have been used to develop new tools for assessment, clinical practice guidelines and Clinical Evidence summaries so that care providers and commissioners are able to make clinical and purchasing decisions based on reliable evidence, and identified priority areas for further research.
She is has contributed to National research priority setting and research commissioning as a member of the UK NHS National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Commissioning Board and as Deputy Chair of the NIHR HTA External Devices and Physical Therapies Panel. She is a Cochrane Wounds Group Editor and Author, has been a Trustee of the Tissue Viability Society and Chair of the RCN Research Society Scientific Committee, and Associate editor of Evidence Based Nursing. Andrea gave up running after the Loch Ness marathon and now sings, bakes and knits in her ‘spare’ time.

Recent primary research has been in pressure ulcer prevention and the diagnosis and management of infection in diabetic foot ulcers.  She has made a major contribution to the NHE England ‘Leading Change Adding Value’ work around wound care, leading the production of case study exemplars showing the impact of care pathways and clinical management on quality and costs. (see 
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