Abstract Topics

Topics for Abstract Submission are as below:
  1. Clinical Trials in Wound Care: Design, Conduct and Outcomes
  2. Cost-effectiveness of Wound Prevention and Treatment
  3. Dressing Technologies and Updates on Prevention and Treatment
  4. Inflammation and Biomarkers
  5. Leg and Foot Ulceration
  6. Lymphedema
  7. Mechanobiology in Wound Prevention and Healing
  8. Microclimate in Wound Prevention
  9. Negative Pressure Therapy
  10. New Approaches to Burn Treatment
  11. Novel Approaches for Accelerating Wound Healing
  12. Ostomy and Continence
  13. Pain Management
  14. Patient Management
  15. Pressure Ulcers
  16. Preventing and management of Infection
  17. Risk Factors and Risk Assessment
  18. Support Surface Materials, Designs, Technologies and Guidelines
  19. Surgical Wounds
  20. Technologies for Prevention, Early Detection and Monitoring of Wounds
  21. Tissue Engineering, Repair and Regeneration
  22. Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine
  23. Wound Care and Nursing Practice
  24. Wound Care and Nutrition
  25. Wound Care and Rehabilitation 
  26. Wound Care in the Obese and Diabetic Populations
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